Friday, April 1, 2016

So...almost a year later

In the event that anyone still has me listed on their feed, I figure I owe you an update, albeit a brief one! I'm going to try to hit the big notes here:

We moved! We sold our house last Spring and moved on to a new adventure. We currently live further outside of town on ten forested acres.

Rather than a house, we temporarily live in a small living area walled off the back of a large shop. We don't have internet yet (hence the lack of posts!) and our cell service is sketchy, but we've discovered how much we actually appreciate the quiet and abundance of time to do other things.

David turned five

Abby is nearly nine

and Allison is a whopping 13 years old and 5' 5" tall, which is substantially taller than me!

 We get a lot of snow at our new home! We ended up getting snowed in several times this past winter.

Chris and I visited Hawaii last fall and celebrated our 10th anniversary. It.was.amazing.

That about sums it up!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Up to Speed

We're nearly caught up!

David and I had a fun date one evening.

In early April, the girls both participated in a week-long theater program. During rehearsals, David enjoyed playing on the playground behind the school!

Abby and I also had a date night!

The girls were so cute as they performed "Black Beard"!

Abby was a parrot (2nd from the left)...

and Allison played the part of a beach bum (top right).

Last but not least, our house. We listed it for sale and signed papers four days later! We're beginning a new adventure. Stay tuned...

Beginning the New Year

The girls hosted a slumber party, complete with candy and silly games.

Sometimes a slow day requires a measure of creativity...and painter's tape!

Abby has braces!

The kids and I visited the NW Children's Theater, again, to see The Jungle Book.

Family fun on the farm!

We got to see some new baby lambs.

Friends came to visit.

Let the photo updates begin!

I've experienced some technical difficulties with our blog, but it's back up and running again - as you can see! Here are some photo updates, beginning last fall:

The girls enjoyed more science fun with friends, in November.

We also received this winter's only snow that month!


We spent Thanksgiving down in Central Oregon and even rode horses in the cold.

After coming home, we began to decorate for St.Nicholas Day/Christmas!

Let the holiday festivities begin!

The kids, my mom and I all went to see a production of Mary Poppins at the NW Children's Theater.

After a busy Christmas, we celebrated my mother's 60th birthday with a lovely tea party, hosted by my sister.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall Happenings

Fall has been busy and I'll just be honest and tell you that I can't even remember all that we've been up to! Here are some of the things I can remember:

I approached the owner of a huge vegetable garden to ask for some tips. He was more than generous and sent me home with two huge bags like this of carrots and one of potatoes. Score!

David just might be an engineer some day.

David turned four! I am so glad. One, two and three were good, but four...well, let's just say I'm glad we made it!

A dear friend of mine, and former high school biology teacher, has been bringing her kiddos over once a week to conduct science experiments.

It finally got cold enough to snow and start our first fire in the wood stove! (That's my hot cider and pumpkin mini muffin there.)

Finally, meet the newest addition to our family: Izzy.

1st Day

David Started Pre-School this fall!

Each week has a different theme, based on a letter of the alphabet. Week 2 of school, he learned about "B" for "Butterfly." We started with caterpillars!

They eventually formed into chrysalises and then finally Painted Lady butterflies.