Saturday, June 20, 2009


Next week, we are looking forward to Vacation Bible School and then camping! The last couple of weeks....

Allison has joined the library's summer reading program and is making her way through that. Chris and I are so proud of her growing ability!

Next comes spelling ;-)

Both girls have been enjoying the opportunity to play outside with the nice weather.

We went on another hike last weekend - great length, great weather, great time!

The girls decided to play with the toy box, instead of the toys.

Awww....mommy loves nap time!

Some fresh produce from the backyard :)

The girls both came down with major colds this last week. Here they are snuggled up on the couch, watching Mary Poppins.

Princess Abby....

and goofball Abby...

I'll leave you with some fun we had getting Abby to say "guacamole."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

is it summer yet?

We're gearing up for summer with some light hiking and family time! Here are some of our most recent pictures.

These were taken just last week at a beautiful little waterfall. The girls had a great time throwing rocks into the water :)

These next pictures are from a partial hike we did today.

We didn't realize it would be so long and slippery (lots of rocks) for the girls so we ended up turning back - but it was still beautiful.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things are heatin' up!

Whew! It's been warm around here with temperatures up in the 90's! We've been enjoying the outdoors when things are cooler and the indoors when they're not. Friends came for a visit this past weekend, bringing with them a 4 month old and a nearly 2 year old. The kids had a great time running, jumping, playing, was a very fun (and exhausting) three days!

Saturday, we ventured out into the heat for the local Spring Festival parade. There were many fun features and the kids had a great time. Us moms barely made it back up the hill to the air conditioned house without passing out. Our hubbies thought we were sunburned, but no....just flushed!

Allison's pepper plant has flowered and we are expecting "baby peppers" anytime :) Abby likes to go around the yard with her little watering can, watering various plants, flowers...weeds.

Allison is looking forward to attending VBS in a few weeks and then more swim lessons. Abby has been learning to peddle around on her tricycle.

That's about all for now, but I'm sure there's plenty more to come! Have a great rest of the week!