Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our BIG Snow

February began with a forecast for a little snow...

and we got some!

We were excited!

Even more excited!

Then absolutely thrilled!

Then astonished!

And it kept on coming!

Some good friends made the drive down to play in the snow with us and celebrate Chris' birthday (dinner out with no kiddos!!).

Together, everyone built a big snow cave.

After our friends left, more arrived!

We had a great time using our sledding hill.

We had so much fun and can't wait for more!

Happy 2014!

The new year started off pretty typically.

We started school back up again. David is big on finger painting right now!

We suffered through several more bouts of sickness. Poor Abby has been sick the most often!

On an up note, Abby lost a couple of teeth! She had two teeth pulled by the dentist last year, but these were the first two that came out naturally - much to her excitement!

David helped me make new playdough.

We had a couple family nerf gun battles.

December Wrap Up

Obviously it's been a while since I posted an update! Here goes...

After donning new slipper socks....

We finished up school for the month....

enjoyed some yummy pancakes....

endured a couple bouts of sickness...

made (and ate) a ton of Christmas cookies and...

um...forgot to take any more pictures! Ack!! Chris has some pictures on his phone, but the gist of the month was that we enjoyed a wonderful time of celebrating Christ's birth with family and friends. :)