Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yard work and a Surprise!

With the nice weather at the beginning of this week, I decided to tackle our vegetable garden. It was incredibly overgrown and I mean...extremely.....immensely....yikes!

David helped. :)

I've nearly finished!

Here is all the brush I've cleared out so far - I told you it was a lot!

While working in the garden this morning, I heard the rooster making a racket behind the house. It went on and on and on. Finally I went to check things out. I saw Elvis (the hen) emerge from under some brambles on the steep slope behind the wood shed. After she and Ben (the rooster) left, I crept down the slope and peered into the brambles to discover....

THESE!! I was so excited!

The girls were eggstatic (haha!) and even David was pretty interested. Allison and I looked up how to tell the age of the eggs.

One was obviously brand new and we discovered that the other is less than a week old.

They're so small!


This doesn't have anything to do with Easter, but....

we finally put our fridge in! 

(After we cut the end of the counter off to make room...*ahem*)

We moved the old fridge out with the tractor. David is potty training which is why he's...uh...not wearing pants!

Chris' parents and aunt and uncle came out and spent Saturday with us. The weather was beautiful!! I made a yummy lemon cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting, although I forgot to take a picture before we ate it. 


Chris' aunt and uncle brought us a ton of lovely flowers and plants to fill all the pots on our patio (+ the two hanging baskets)!

 I love flowers. :) This week, I've discovered Daffodils popping up all over the place!

The weather was so warm, we brought the chicks outside and let them hang out in the old chicken tractor, which they love!

 This is our remaining rooster (Ben) and our Bantam hen (Elvis).

We've been going through a Lent book, reading scripture and counting down the days to Easter. It is so fun to be able to start our Easter story with the Christmas story and add on to our Christmas advent wreath, which doubles as an Easter Lenten wreath.

Unfortunately, Allison came down with a fever Friday evening and ended up spending Saturday quarantined in her room, poor girl. She was able to come out on Sunday, but we had to stay home from church and the other grandparents' house, which was pretty disappointing. We held our own service at home, so to speak and, to cheer up the girls, I let them dress up in their Easter clothes so I could try to snag some pictures.

Most of the pictures turned out like this.

Finally - a good one! Happy Easter!

Busy March

We're still plugging away at our school work, looking forward to summer vacation - just 10 and a half weeks left! Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's just that we've had some beautiful sunny weather lately and that makes it so much harder to do lessons!

David likes to play with play-doh, color, sticker things, run around outside, blow bubbles and cause general chaos during school hours.

We had friends come stay the weekend and it was so much fun! The kids all slept well enough that at least we weren't dying of sleep deprivation. We got a couple games of pinochle in and even played Bananagrams - whoot!

The weather was nice enough for the kids to be outdoors most of the weekend, which they loved. We walked and dug in the dirt and went for tractor rides.

David was super tired after they left!

We finished the Winter term of our homeschool co-op during the last week of March. It was a lot of fun, as usual, but I'm not sure I'll teach three classes again - that was a little much! Allison made a diorama for her Book Report class.

She read Mystery of the Vanishing Horses. The scene is of a canyon with horses in it and a mine in the back corner. She had a lot of fun painting and creating her scene.

We also finished up our AWANA program the same week. Both girls received book awards. Earlier in the month, they raced their cars in the Grand Prix....

Abby won 3rd place for the design of her car in the Sparks category!

Allison won 2nd place for the design of her car in the T&T category!