Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A boy who climbs

Unlike the girls, David is a climber. Up until last week, he had mainly just attempted to climb most things. This is what I saw him do last week...

Since then, it's been quite a challenge to keep him from climbing onto the chairs (and the table)! In an effort to provide a safer alternative for climbing, and give our active boy something fun to do, I got him this (off of Craigslist - whoohoo!)...

It's been a huge hit! David loves it and plays on it all day. :)

Crystals and Valentine's Day

In a previous post, I mentioned the girls were learning about crystals...

here are the ones they made!

We don't typically do too much for Valentine's Day, but each year the kids get some candy and a small gift.

This year, the girls got socks, headbands and stickers.

David got some new books!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Silly fun & a birthday

Every now and then, when I go looking for David, I find him here...just lookin' at books! :)

David found his sunglasses - so cool!

The girls learn about crystals.

Allison and Abby have fun with static..and hair!

David loves to wear Chris' hats.

Chris turned 30 this month!

Allison has learned to play the piano...around David's toys! (Those are some trains in the bottom left corner, on the keyboard.)

We go a visiting

Earlier this month, we went up to the Tacoma area to visit some friends.

We met new baby Elliot - so handsome!

The kids played and had lots of fun.

David fell asleep in the usual!

Did I mention that we stopped by Trader Joe's? Love that store!! Organic bananas were only 19 cents a pound!!