Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting back

We've been slowly working our way back into our "regular routine" or at least as regular as can be!

Allison has started studying the Middle Ages in school and put together a castle.

My nephew had a cowboy themed party to celebrate his 7th birthday.

AWANA hosted a fair this past week - complete with bounce house and obstacle course!

David's favorite chore is helping me with the laundry. He just loves the spin cycle! :)

Family Camp 2013

For the fifth year in a row, we enjoyed an amazing weekend away at family camp!

Here are the kids ready to hit the road!

We made our traditional stop for chocolate chip cookies

and Subway sandwiches for lunch - yummo!

I just love the drive there - it's so beautiful.

Yah! We're there!

One of our favorite parts of camp is the time we spend together in the pool and going down the water slides!

Rounding Out the Summer

We finished up July by visiting the county fair.

All of the kids loved seeing the animals. We even got to see some newborn rabbits!

Most of August was spent getting yard work done early in the mornings and on cool weekends.

We managed to take the boat out a few more times. Both girls got up on the wakeboard and everyone enjoyed riding on the tube.

The girls started school towards the end of the month - just a few days a week. :)