Friday, June 22, 2012


We are busy as usual, but I wanted to get some pictures up. :)

We started off the month with Chris playing the part of groomsman in a dear friend's wedding. It was such a fun weekend and we really appreciated all of the grandpas and grandmas who stepped in and helped watch our kiddos!

We've had some warm days in the mix of rainy/cloudy ones. We try to take full advantage of any warmer weather!

This year, we got a trampoline for the kids to play in while Chris and I work out in the yard!

David got a new bike without pedals (called a "balance bike") and he's been really enjoying having a "big kid" bike.

The girls have finished school for the summer and Allison completed her annual testing this week. She did really well in all subjects and scored well above average - we're so proud of her! While she was busy testing, Abby, David and I visited the dam and saw the fish ladders.

We've finished work on our front yard! Chris and I are hoping to finish up the window trims (inside the house) this next week and the back yard pavers the week after.

 The sale of our house will either close the very end of this month or beginning of next - not sure of the exact date yet. We're still looking for a place to rent while we build the new house, but our house plans are coming along great and we're getting pretty excited to start on this new adventure!

 David learned how to climb out of his crib, pop the plastic off of the "child proofed" door handle and open the door of his room, this month. Here is how we found him in the morning:

Here are some fun pictures. :)