Monday, April 30, 2012

Pit Stop

On our way home, we stopped in Leavenworth. We found my favorite shop almost immediately. After this...who needs to see anything else?! :)

The kids were starving so we found a (thankfully empty) restaurant and had the most delicious meal that we've had in years!! It was so good! Chris spied on the menu an appetizer that we've only had on our honeymoon and ordered it for us to share - he's the best! For lunch, Chris and I split a chicken panini made with a pesto sauce and roasted red peppers, cooked to perfection.

Even David got in on the action. :)

Fun with Friends and a Party!

This past weekend, we traveled up to a cabin in Steven's Pass where we met two other families from our old college days! There were a total of six adults and eight kids! It was quite an adventure, but super fun! Chris, of course, has the best pictures on his camera, including some wonderful group shots, but here are a few of mine.

 On Saturday, we had a circus/carnival party to celebrate Abby's 5th birthday!

The kiddos enjoyed playing games....

Balloon animals were a big hit with the adults little ones!


We had lots of fun carnival food (and a few fruits and veggies to balance things out). :)

I forgot David's shoes at home, so he borrowed some from Charity for a little while - hahaha!

It was so fun to catch up with old friends and watch all of our kids play together!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we're up to

Last month, we finished up the Winter session of our local Homeschool Co-op. We had so much fun participating, but it's nice to have Monday mornings back! Allison enjoyed taking Knitting, Art and Cooking Science. Abby really had fun taking Crafts, Music & Dance, and Cooking Science. David like watching me lead craft time for the preschoolers and help with a couple of classes (while munching on Cheerios)!

We also finished up our AWANA year last month. All of us participated this year, with Allison in T&T, Abby in Cubbies, David in Puggles (nursery), me co-leading Cubbies and Chris even played drums for the worship time! It was so much fun to help with the Cubbies group this year and I plan to do it again in the fall, although I'll miss Abby as she will be moving to Sparks. :)

Allison has been busily working to finish up her 3rd grade studies in the next couple of months.

Abby is doing Kindergarten work - learning to read, practicing her numbers and manual dexterity skills.

For the past couple of months, I've been organizing the annual Spring swim lessons for local area homeschoolers. It's a great opportunity for the kids to get back into the water before summer.

The kids' first lesson was this past Friday and it went "swimmingly." ;)

We made a trip to the library this past week, meeting up with some friends. We hadn't been since last fall (ack!) so the girls really enjoyed picking out books. David really just enjoyed the computers!

Last week, the kids and I headed over to "grandma Linda's" house - a wonderful older friend from church. She invited us, and several other moms with young children, to come over and dye eggs for Easter with her! It was so much fun and she had all kinds of fun treats for the kids.

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter! The girls hunted for Resurrection eggs in the morning before we headed to church for a brunch and baptism service. After church, we drove out to Chris' parents' house where we celebrated with family and friends, enjoying a delicious meal. We're so grateful for Christ's sacrifice and our eternal salvation - He is risen!

Kids Having Fun

Playing the drums with dad.

Abby enjoying a teacup cupcake at a friend's bday party.