Monday, May 6, 2013

Abby Turns 6 - Yeehaw!

Abby turned six years old on Friday! She wanted a cowgirl party this year and we had a party with friends on Thursday afternoon:

The girls all had so much fun playing together!

On Friday, Chris' parents came out for the weekend and grandma made dinner. Abby opened up her presents from Dad and mom and Allison, much to Allison's relief (she had been asking me all week when she could give Abby her present - a Hex bug playground).

Saturday, we had my parents, my sister's family, Chris' parents and some framily (close friends that we consider family!) over for lunch. It was so fun to visit with everyone and the kids had a blast just running between the rope swing and the trampoline. The weather was wonderful (sunny and in the low 80's). Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures!!! Ack!! Feel free to send me some if you have any! :)

Happy birthday to our special Abby who is so fun and adventurous! We love you!