Thursday, August 20, 2009


I finally have pictures - yah! These were taken throughout the summer, the ones at the end are from today. Enjoy!

The girls enjoy some time with water play in the backyard.

Yes...that's right. Abby got herself stuck. In the door. :)

Cousin Noah came to visit for a few days in June. Here they are, watching Finding Nemo and snacking on some popcorn!

Abby likes trains!

The girls spent an entire morning (no joke - it was about 3 hours, at least!) playing with their marble maze builder.

Our library's Story Time is great! There are songs, poems, ribbons, bells, puppets...and crafts!

Here's Abby looking at her latest favorite library book.

Allison is really enjoying reading and checks books out with her own library card now.

Last night, we made our annual trip to Oneonta Falls! This is our second trip with the girls and we had a lot of fun :) The water was cold, but it was much warmer than last year!

Today, the girls and I went swimming at the local pool - we had a really fun time!

Here's a video of Allison jumping off the diving board.

After swimming, we just had to have some ice cream! Don't worry, Abby had some too! I was just holding it for her while I took the picture. ;-)

Me 'n the girls.

These girls could probably swing all day long!

What a cutie-pie!

Aww...I have the most beautiful girls in the world - inside and out! What a blessing... :)

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