Friday, October 2, 2009


School is in full swing, as are a plethora of other activities! Chris has started his new job and enjoys it very much. How could flying RC helicopters not be fun? :)

Allison has finished her first grade language arts studies and begun her second grade coursework. I was hesitant about the transfer from one to another (special phonics sounds to sentence structure), but she is doing exceedingly well. Allison is also attending our local AWANA program again this year and enjoys the time with her friends.

Abby is officially potty training - again! This time around is going a little more "smoothly." She attends our local library's story time once a week and loves it. Last weekend, she graduated to the 2 1/2 & 3 yr old class in Sunday school - the Busy Bee class. She is so proud to be with the "big" kids now. :)

We joined a new homeschool co-op last month. We meet once a week for classes. Allison is currently taking an Art and PE class. Many of her friends from AWANA also participate in the co-op. Abby and I spend the morning with the little kids, learning sign language, letters, hearing Bible stories and playing. Abby likes that she gets to "go to school" too!

Abby discovered a ball of my yarn. She promptly dubbed it her pet turtle.

After said turtle began to unravel (due to a technical difficulty with his "leash")...

mommy created a "new" (smaller) pet turtle, much to Abby's delight.

Here's Allison, dutifully reading for school.

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