Thursday, March 17, 2011


Abby got a hair cut for "Locks of Love" - an organization that accepts donations of hair (10" +) and then uses them to make wigs for people who have lost their hair due to illness or severe burns.


  1. What a beautiful family!! I'm finally back with the blog world!! Yay! As for turning 30, welcome cousin!!!! ;-) wow! I had forgotten that Kevin turning 30 meant you are also 30!!!! Happy belatedbirthday!!!!

  2. Thank you! It's so hard for me to fathom that I could be that old and yet...there's a guy here who keeps calling me his wife and three kids that keep calling me mom, so I guess it must be true! ;)

  3. Just wait until those kids are taller than you and looking forward to graduating high school!!!! We have two years left of high school for Naomi and it makes me realize how quickly time flies and how precious the time we have left is!!!! Ok, i'm getting all teary just thinking about it!! Believe me, it will be here before you know it!!!!! Love you guys and thank you for keeping us updated with your beautiful blog!!!!