Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day to Day

We've just been going through the regular day-to-day things. Chris was sick for a couple of weeks, but is finally recovering.

We felt pretty badly for him, but really enjoyed having him around home during the day!

Allison has been learning about life in ancient Egypt. She and Abby worked with clay to make a home similar to some of those made in Egypt long ago.

David had an opthalmologist appointment, for his lazy eye, last week. The doctor is having David wear a patch over his left eye for 1/2 an hour every day for two months. Hopefully this will strengthen his right eye. Although noticeable, it's really not very bad, so we're hoping it will correct quickly and easily. David doesn't seem to mind it very much, which is great!

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  1. I have a lazy eye but didn't catch it until I was 5 and by then the patches (yes, I had to wear a black pirate eye patch to school in K & 1st grade. Yes, I got picked on a LOT!) didn't help. Hopefully David will have better luck being so much younger. Besides, the patch looks so much cooler on a little boy. :)