Wednesday, October 3, 2012


While we started school during the last week of August, it sure hasn't felt like Autumn around here! The weather has been incredibly warm with temperatures easily in the 80's and 90's! Just this week, temps have finally begun to cool down to the low 70's/high 60's. With the nicer weather, we've really been able to stretch out our summer activities a bit!

It looks really overcast in these pictures, but it's really just dusk with a few evening clouds in the sky. :)

Keeping David busy while the girls do school each morning is always a bit of a challenge! Thankfully he's got a few new activities, including two houses being built next door - complete with construction vehicles to watch!

AWANA started last month and the girls are having a great time! Allison is still in the T&T group, while Abby just entered Sparks this year. A couple weeks ago was "Crazy Hair" night and the girls loved having glittery goo in their silly hair. :)

Even though the weather was nearly 80, the girls wanted to celebrate the first day of Autumn with a craft, so we made pom pom trees!

They looked so lovely up on our school wall, but, by the next morning, most of the pom poms had fallen off, to which Abby promptly replied "just like real leaves in Autumn, mom!" :)

With the "cooler" temps yesterday, the girls have decided they're ready for Christmas and so wore their cocoa pajamas!

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  1. What a cute thing to say about the leaves falling! The picture of David watching the construction is so cute! It reminds me of one of the pictures of Anna, Sam, and I when we still lived in St. Helens and they were doing construction around our house.