Friday, December 21, 2012

St. Nick and the big 10

We began December with our new daily advent reading and candle wreath. It's been such a blessing to remember Christ's birth with purpose this year!

David helped me make cookies. 

He also helped himself to eating a few!

He wasn't very happy with mommy when she said "no more!"

The weather this fall has been unseasonably wet and warm - which makes for beautiful rainbows!

We celebrated St. Nicholas Day on the 6th. 

Chris took the day off of work and, after our morning together, we headed to my parents' house to see my grandmother who was visiting from up north!

A few days later, we headed back to my parents' house for another St. Nicholas Day celebration. My sister and her family joined us for a day of games and visiting. We stayed the night there and surprised Allison the next day by driving her up to Seattle for her birthday!

She had studied ancient Egypt last year in school and really wanted to see the Egypt exhibit while it's still in the states for the last time! We are so proud of our TEN year old and excited for all that is ahead of her in the next ten years. :)

We finally got some snow the last week - much to the kids' delight!

We are currently in the process of purchasing a new home just north of town! We should close this next week and are so excited to move in and get back into a regular routine! The house is on five acres with lots of room to play and lots of pear trees. Here is a link to some pictures:

As we move into this new season of our lives, we reflect back on this past year and all the joys and trials it has held. We wish you all a merry Christmas and pray that you all have a wonderful new year in 2013!

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