Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In January, the kids and Chris all came down with the flu. I, miraculously, managed to stay pretty healthy and was able to keep a fire going in the wood stove! As soon as Chris started feeling better (a week later!), I pretty much lost all success at getting a fire going.

After all sharing a room and a very small living space for four and a half months, the kids are really enjoying the extra room! The friends we were living with had no bathtubs.

Whoohoo for baths!!

After a looong break, we're finally back to schoolwork again and...loving it! Allison is studying ancient Rome, while Abby has started the first grade and is learning to read.

I promised the girls that they could do some beginning sewing projects this year, so we did our first one today.

They both did really well!

My birthday is in January and Chris' birthday was last week so we generally combine the two. This year, we celebrated with our favorite pie (blueberry banana cream), presents, family and a day with just the two of us, complete with a massage at a spa - so fun!

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