Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Annual Grand Prix

Every year, the AWANA program we attend hosts a Grand Prix where the kids race wood derby cars that they have designed and/or decorated. Allison has really enjoyed this event, over the past several years, and has even won a couple of trophies! This is Abby's first year to enter a car in the races and she is super excited! Both girls spent a lot of time trying to decide just what they wanted and designing their cars.

Abby's first entry (she was adamant about wanting an eraser)!

Allison's car has a couple of different Bible verses on it about God's creatures.


  1. Those are great!
    Sadly our local Awanas groups no longer exist...unless we want to drive to Bonanza.
    I miss it but am so happy your girls get to be a part of it!

  2. Thank you! What a bummer about the Awana groups out there! Did they replace it with anything?