Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Beginning

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!

St. Nicholas Day fun

First snow!

Allison had a fun snowman themed birthday party this year.

The girls played "Roll a Snowman" in which certain numbers on the dice, when rolled, gave them certain parts of a snowman. The first player to collect all their pieces is the winner!

Then they divided into pairs and tried to create a snowman with toilet paper. This definitely got the most laughs!!

They made snowman ornaments to take home...

and had fun coloring the tablecloth during their dinner of pizza, salad, cake and peppermint ice cream - yum!

Abby gave Allison a cool birthday hat to wear the next night at AWANA for Crazy Hat night.

We sure love our 11 year old!

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  1. Wow! 11?!!! Where does the time go?? Happy birthday Allison! Looks like a fun party!