Sunday, August 3, 2014

Spring Time

Allison got her braces off - for the last time!



We discovered frogs in the seasonal creek.

My little niece is growing and growing! (Okay, so she was a little grumpy in this picture!)

Thanks to my mom, I had the opportunity to paint for the first time in years.

Allison is starting to look so old!

We visited a local "farm" and where we saw some zebras and fed a camel.

We've enjoyed some beautiful walks this year! It's such a blessing to live where we can just head down the driveway and are already out in the country.

David enjoys driving his "truck" all around.

Abby is getting better at riding her new bike!

The girls played their piano recital pieces very well.

Chris and I were able to collect a lot of lumber for firewood this year.

As an end-of-the-school-year treat, we went ice skating with a group of other homeschoolers!

Dear friends came to visit!

The dads were amazing and built a swing set!

Everyone looking excitedly out the window...

as the guys lift the swing set up and into place.

I moved the sandbox from here (where the kids had to sit in dirt to play in it)...

to here!

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