Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Living

We've been busy lately, but just with our typical every day activities. We had family friends visit last weekend and a couple weeks ago we went to Central Oregon for the weekend. My brother-in-law, and his wife, had their second son - Lucas Andrew! We wish so much that we could be there to see him as a newborn. :) The only other big thing going on is that my sister got engaged! They are planning their wedding for August of this year. I have a feeling this will be an activity packed year!

The girls are looking forward to Valentine's Day. Allison's friend is coming over next week to make valentines (I'll get some pictures!) and we're getting supplies this weekend. She's also going to be getting her wood and wheels from AWANA soon to make her derby car! Next month is the annual AWANA grand prix. Allison is excited to make her car (with
lots of help from dad, I'm sure!) and enter the races!

Abby is becoming more and more creative in her play. She now role plays and dialogs with her dolls and other toys. She loves to dress up and sing songs! Lately, she's been enjoying puzzles and playing with Playdoh.

Here are some pictures of the girls. We hope and pray that all is well with you and yours. God bless!

Each week, after we get home from the library, Allison reads some her new books to Abby. Totally awesome.

Super Abby!

Allison's playdoh creations.

Abby gets goofy with marker caps.

Allison learns about verbs.

Allison helps make cinnamon rolls (aka "cimnamon rolls"). :)

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