Saturday, February 20, 2010

School and Valentine's Day

We had a very pleasant Valentine's weekend!

We started out with the girls opening the cards and gifts. (Last year, I found really cute little heart bags and started the tradition of filling them with just a few things for the girls - very fun!)

Both girls got new swim suites as we're hoping to start going to the pool again soon.

On Saturday, we shared the baby news with Chris' parents and then we told my parents on Sunday. For both families, we used these super cute shirts that I got for the girls.

The lady who makes the tees (they are custom made) surprised me by also slipping in this adorable little onesie for our baby!

Allison conducted a couple of experiments recently for school.

For the first, we made cabbage water by adding boiling water to chopped red cabbage. We let it sit for half an hour and then strained out the cabbage. Purple water is wha
t remained!

I had Allison taste a handful of items and log whether they were sweet or sour. Then we added a little bit of each item to the water and recorded the results.

The items with acid in them turned the water pink and the non-acidic items left the water purple (in the case of the yogurt, creamy purple :).

The second experiment consisted of Allison placing a dirty penny in a cup of cola. The next day, she removed the penny only to find it clean and shiny!

They were fun experiments for Allison (even Abby enjoyed watching!), but it made me think twice about soda acid - whew! :) I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine weekend as much as we did ours. God bless!

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