Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's been a while, but here are some picture from the last month!

Abby finally taking a nap (she's been fighting them lately!). :) I just loved the pose.

Allison painting a wood clock that she got for her birthday. She had so much fun doing this project!

Abby was really excited to finally ride her bike again, now that it's Spring!

Abby loves to build towers!

The girls made a fun art project by melting crayons.

Abby paints with water, while...

Allison works on her Bible lesson. She's been learning about responsibility!

My morning sickness has finally abated and I've been feeling much better. I am so thankful that it only lasted about four weeks, as I am usually sick for twice as long! Chris has been working a lot lately, but is not feeling overly burdened. The girls start swim lessons in a couple of weeks and are really looking forward to getting in some water play again!


  1. Hi-
    I found you surfing around blogs. Cute Family! We are also home schoolers. What bible lessons are you using for your daughter?? I was just developing my own but open to new ideas.... Thanks Have a great weekend!!

  2. Thanks! We have been using My Father's World, which includes Bible lessons. This year, I also supplemented with a wonderful workbook called "Building Christian Character," by Teacher Created Resources - I highly recommend it!

  3. Yay for homeschool! Thats our plan once baby boy is old enough! I just cant stomach the thought of sending my baby to someone else for his schooling!

    Cute blog and even cuter family! Nice to meet you!