Thursday, November 20, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up

In my mind, it hasn't been more than a few weeks since I last updated this bog, but that it how the year seems to be going! What do you mean it's nearly December? Ack!

Here is a wrap-up of some of our summer happenings:

We enjoyed long walks, playing in the yard and swimming with friends.

Allison attended summer camp for the first time! (What? When did she get old enough for that?!)

Abby missed Allison considerably and I found her, one morning, making this during breakfast.

Chris learned to ride a unicycle.

All the kids got the chance to ride a horse!

We drove all the way up to Mount St. Helens...only for it to be completely fogged in by the time we reached the top! It was still a fun trip and we were able to get some views of the valley on the way back down.

Chris and I celebrated our anniversary in European style - cheeses, meats, bread and chocolate. :)

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