Friday, April 3, 2009 sunday in some countries

We had our first swim lesson today! The girls had a great time getting water logged. There were a lot of kids there (yah!), all homeschoolers. Allison's class (beginner/intermediate) had about seven kids in it. Her class has a free swim time for 1/2 an hour and then a 1/2 hour lesson. Abby and I hung out in the kiddie pool. It is quite large and has water spouts and many water toys to play with. Abby probably would have stayed in there all day if I'd let her. The only disappointing thing was that Abby and I were the only ones in the kiddie pool! All of the other kids were old enough for classes, so their moms all congregated near the bleachers and visited. This was rather disappointing for me as I was hoping this would be an opportunity to meet some of the other home school mothers in the area. Ah well, this seems to be a trend for me...doing it on my own. Chris gave me a big hug, which made me feel a bit better :) Also, it's SUNNY outside and who can stay mopey with sunshine?!! God is good!

Abby was thrilled to receive her hand-me-down backpack yesterday. She kept putting it on and then taking it off, over and over again. Then, she would march around the house and start all over again. It was very charming.

While looking on Craigslist yesterday, I ran across an add for a bunkbed - $75. Upon opening the add, I found that they were actually hoping to trade the bunkbed for a full size bed. YAH! We have a full size bed taking up space in the garage and have been thinking about getting (Chris was thinking about building) a bunkbed for the girls this year. I responded to the add and so far so good. We haven't said anything to the girls yet, so we'll see! They would both be thrilled. Allison has been begging, very nicely, for a bunkbed ever since she found out I was pregnant with Abby.

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