Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Day!

Yesterday, Chris and I decided to go into Portland for a family day! Chris had to work in the morning, so I took the opportunity to clean a little.

Here's a picture of Abby with her first full pigtails - they were very charming.

The girls are still having fun with the train tracks. Allison loves to try out new designs.

Initially, we had thought to go to OMSI. Allison has been wanting to go for a long time and they have a new area for young children with water toys, sand pit toys and all kinds of things that would entertain Abby for hours (YAH!). Chris had a suspicion that proved to be correct, however. It was very crowded due to Oregon's spring break. Allison was able to use their restroom and the girls enjoyed running around the grounds.

We decided to try Chris' plan B.

As we were leaving OMSI, we waited for a loooooong train to pass, much to the girls' delight!

Plan B was to go to the Portland Waterfront Park.

The girls really enjoyed the chance to run...and run.....and run, after being in the car for so long.

Chris' other idea (man, he has great ideas - I love my husband!) was to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. The girls just loved it and we all had a great time!

Here are Chris and Allison enjoying Spumoni. This is Allison's new favorite ice cream flavor!

Abby had a fun time - it was wonderful how many entertaining things there were to see - even a man making balloon hats and animals!

A few days ago, I noticed Allison's doll, Katje, was missing her porcelain foot. I found the foot and set them both aside, not saying anything to Allison. I intended to glue the foot back on before telling her, as Allison tends to be very tenderhearted toward her dolls and stuffed animals.

Allison found the doll and missing foot. Being the future doctor that she is, she bandaged Katje right up!

Such a clever girl!

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