Monday, March 16, 2009

Here goes...

Well, here's my first blog!
I've decided to start my own blog site, primarily for the convenience of friends and family. I will endeavor to keep current and post many pictures.

Right now, I am currently is process of:

Potty training Abby
Homeschooling Allison
Learning to knit with five double ended needles - it can be a mite tricky!
Trying to stay on budget - ugh
Reading up on small dog care

We are hoping to find out soon if we will be able to get "Henry" - there is one other couple on the waiting list ahead of us, so we are hoping they want a girl!

Thanks for visiting my blog site! Please bare with me as I learn to set all of this up the way I like it :)

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I hope you are better then we are about posting.

    BTW Lisa is due any day now with our 2nd child.