Monday, March 23, 2009


Today has been a typical cloudy humdrum day. I did some minor work in the kitchen (maple syrup, brownies, bread rolls, jello) and helped Allison with some of her school work. We are trying a new approach of doing more school work in the afternoon and evening, when Abby is either napping or distracted. We were experiencing some difficulties in doing school in the morning. It turns out that Abby routinely enjoys climbing up on Allison's chair, stealing the pencils and trying to wreak as much havoc as possible. We'll see how the afternoons work out.

I am continuing to read "Cradle to Cradle," a book about natural and industrial resources. It is fairly interesting, however I find I have to wade through some repetition of information, which is rather boring. There is truth in their findings so I continue to plug away at it. I am hoping the authors provide some sort of light at the end of their rather dreary tunnel.

A side note: yesterday, Abby took one of her socks off in the car. After we got home, I searched and searched to no avail for the missing sock. About 10 min later, I hear a triumphant shout from Chris - he found Abby's sock. She had taken it off and put in on her other foot, over her other sock. That's right. This kid is going to be some kind of trouble! I try not to even imagine the mischief and trips to the emergency room that we have in store.

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  1. That was very funny. Somehow I think Abby will take after her dad,in the mischief department.
    I can't think of anything right off that he did but maybe something will come to mind.