Friday, March 20, 2009


Happy First Day of Spring! I am so glad that it's finally here :) Allison asked me if the "bird's eggs are all hatching" today. Ahhh...spring time!

We try to focus as much attention on Christ's resurrection on Easter as we can, therefore we generally have a little treat for the girls on the first day of Spring.

As you can see, Abby spotted the candy right away and had already shoved half a dozen jelly beans in her mouth before Chris could scoop the basket up and I could deposit her breakfast in front of her. Thanks to grandma Holly and papa Tom for the gifts.

Nothing quite picks up my spirits from the daily grind like being organized! (Sad, but true.) Today, I planned to sort through the toy box in the living room and ended up also making my way through the girls room. I try to do this once before December, once after and then usually once during the summer. The girls collect so much junk, toys fall apart and they amass a huge collection of small bits of paper and old stickers that no longer stick. It's amazing how much more space there is once all of the garbage is cleared out. Here are some before and after shots.

This is the living room toy corner. I moved the books to a tub, as the cardboard box was becoming overrun.

Allison made her bed!

The top of this bookcase ends up being Allison's "junk deposit."

This is the "No Abby Entrance" closet in the girls' room, where we keep all of Allison's "big girl" toys and books.

In the last week, Abby has taken a fancy to wearing her coat around as long as she can get away with it and wearing her socks on her hands like mittens. It was 68 degrees in the house (I checked), so I promise - it's not because she's cold!

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