Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The girls and I were in Gresham again today. I finished up my last physical therapy session (praise the Lord!) and the girls spent some quality time with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Holly.

I visited The Learning Palace - a store specializing in teaching supplies and great toys. This is one of my favorite stores. As a homeschooling parent, I could lose myself in that store for hours! As it was, I found a great workbook for Bible time (1st grade) and a lesson planner. As I was leaving, the strangest thing happened - a whole bunch of wooden train track pieces just happened to appear in my basket. I think the track pieces sensed my inner desire to create bigger cooler tracks for the...um...girls to play with. Allison and Abby were both thrilled with the new track pieces and they also got a new engine each. It was a very exciting afternoon for them.

Here's my latest creation. Even Chris was somewhat impressed!

As we were in a town that has stores (as opposed to our local area), we also stopped at Target and got Allison some new tennis shoes. I noticed this morning, on our way out, that her toes were rubbing against the front of her shoes. "Yeah, these shoes aren't as comfortable as they used to be," she says. Size 1. That's what size she wears now. We had to look in the 'big girl' section. I felt a little sad, to be honest. She's growing up so fast.

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