Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is such a beautiful day (the sun finally peeked out)! Chris graciously found a cable for me, so here are some pictures!

This pretty much sums up our pace of life here in White Salmon! This guy rides by just about every day.

The girls have been playing trains lately. This is a track that Allison and I came up with yesterday. Usually the challenge is to come up with as many connecting loops as we can with the limited number of track pieces.

With the goal of raising blessed women of God who are intelligent, wise and able (a tall order for any mother!), I have begun teaching Allison some basic household chores. Here she is cheerfully washing dishes. I snapped a picture because, let's face it, I may never see her doing this willingly again!

Last night was "Parents Night" at AWANA so I went with Allison. I almost cried - she was so proud to have me there! She has finished her whole handbook and begun the review (where they recite the verses without any assistance). I'm considering helping out with AWANA next year. Allison has such a great time there - what a tremendous blessing! I also met the homeschool parents who have organized the swim lessons Allison will be taking. The classes are only for homeschool students. Allison is very excited to meet other kids her age who are homeschooled.

Here they are...brushing their pearly whites! Abby insisted upon wearing her coat, not sure why.

I finally got my ipod organized! This is a HUGE deal because it takes so much time to put oh...25 albums onto the ipod. Needless to say, I am very thankful to have that finished. I also added a free book that I got from It's called "Ten P's in a Pod" and is free from the website through the end of March, if anyone is interested.

We went to Safeway this evening to pick up some groceries. I saved approx. $50 with coupons! I am so excited! I have heard of people having similar experiences and I have to say - it is very gratifying. I changed a prescription over to safeway (receiving a $30 gift card) and signed up for a club card, getting free eggs, cereal, a banana discount and 10% off the total purchase. After using the gift card, I also used a promotional $10 off purchase coupon. It was very fun to get a cart of groceries for less than $20! I was also glad that no one was in line behind me as it took some time to forge our way through my little stack of coupons! :)

I'll leave you with this clip of the girls singing Abby's favorite song.

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  1. I love your blog Cara. It is so fun to see the girls. Especially the singing duo. I will look forward to each new day you write. Grandma Kelly